Delegates watch the opening ceremony of CRYO2017, held in Hefei, China. 

CRYO2018 will take place 10-13 July 2018 in Madrid, Spain. The theme of the meeting is ‘The Scientific Challenges of Cryobiology’. 

The program for CRYO2018 features a range of inspiring keynote speakers, organized across various plenary sessions that will cover current scientific challenges in

•   Animal cell cryobiology
•   Plant cryobiology
•   Biophysics at low temperatures
•   Natural Adaptations to Stress (Anhydrobiosis/Low Temperature)
•   Food Technology and Low Temperatures

CRYO2018 will also include a variety symposia and scientific sessions that will comprise the different challenges, approaches, purposes and methods that are the focus of interest of a wide range of cryobiologists. They will cover different systems, such as human and animal cells and small tissues, human and animal organs, plant cells and tissues, and foods.

Topics under consideration are: Ice Formation and Growth, Glassy State and Biology of Solids, Adaptation of Natural Systems, Longevity at Cryogenic Temperatures, Cryopreservation and Biobanking (animal cells, organs and plants), Cryotherapeutic Intervention and Cryosurgery, Anhydrobiosis, Ethical Aspects in Cryobiology, and many others.

Madrid is an exceptional location. Located in the middle of Spain and the nearby historic cities of Toledo, Segovia, Avila or Salamanca provides a unique and spectacular setting. The city is known for many historic sites, cultural and sport activities, and green areas. Madrid is also a place where to enjoy the different cuisine styles and wines from Spain.

CRYO2018 will provide a wonderful forum for researchers and students to refresh your knowledge and explore latest challenges and innovations in cryobiology. The meeting will strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you with the chance to meet and interact with leading scientists and researchers, friends and colleagues, and sponsors and exhibitors.

We hope you will join us for this meeting of outstanding science and take extra time to discover, explore and enjoy the unique beauty of Madrid and its surroundings.

Best Wishes, 
Antonio D. Molina-García,
Daniel Ballesteros,
Andrea Gómez-Zavaglia,
Aline Schneider Teixeira,
and Teresa Mogas
CRYO2018 Local Organizing Committee 

Antonio D. Molina-García

Daniel Ballesteros
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Antonio D. Molina-Garcia, a biophysical chemist by formation (U. Complutense, Madrid, Spain & U. Nottingham, UK) is a tenured scientist at the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN), belonging to the most important scientific institution in Spain, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). He has been working in different biophysical aspects for over 30 years and in Food Biophysics for the last 20. His research includes work on food at low temperature/high pressure, as well as biophysical studies on ice and glassy water dynamics in plant germplasm cryopreservation. He is a member of the Society for Cryobiology since 2010.  

Daniel Ballesteros is a researcher of the Department of Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He has a PhD in plant biology, 15 years’ experience in genetic resources preservation, and teaching experience at BSc, MSc and PhD levels. His research specialities include seed and fern spore stress biology (e.g. desiccation tolerance), storage physiology and cryopreservation, and also restoration ecology. He has published approximately 15 scientific papers (in international peer-reviewed journals), 6 book chapters, and has been editor for an international publication. He has participated in diverse international networks and projects such as Genmedoc, ENSCONET, and EcoPlantMed. 

Antonio D. Molina-García (co-chair)
Daniel Ballesteros (co-chair)
Nicole Evans
Andrea Gómez-Zavaglia

Jedediah Lewis
Teresa Mogas
Aline Schneider Teixeira
Alyssa Ward

Robert Ben
Daniel Ballesteros (chair)
Leandro Godoy
Andrea Gomez-Zavaglia
Jedediah Lewis
Teresa Mogas
Antonio D. Molina-García

Elena Salvaterra
Aline Schneider Teixeira
Andy Shu
Alexandra Stolzing
Alyssa Ward
Lindong Weng
Tiantian Zhang

Daniel Ballesteros
Nicole Evans
Jedediah Lewis (co-chair)
Antonio D. Molina-García

Alexandra Stolzing
Alyssa Ward
Wim Wolkers
Erik Woods (co-chair)

Jason Acker
Yuksel Agca
John Armitage
Robert Ben 
James Benson
Kelvin Brockbank
Ram Devireddy
Janet A. W. Elliott
Gloria Elliott
Ali Eroglu
Barry Fuller
Dayong Gao
Mary Hagedorn
Adam Higgins

Igor Katkov
Barbara Reed
Zhiquan (Andy) Shu
Mike Taylor
Mehmet Toner
Wim Wolkers
Erik Woods
Brian Wowk
Tiantian Zhang
Gang Zhao