After author notification all abstracts must RSVP and upload a final draft in publishable ready format. You can do this from your Ex Ordo dashboard.

If your abstract reviewers have made comments please take these into consideration when preparing your final draft. 

Please ensure your final draft has been carefully proof read as this version of your abstract will be published in Cryobiology. You may edit and re-upload your final draft until May 31, after which no alterations will be possible. 

Upload your final draft as a word document. PDFs will not be accepted. The title of your document must be your submission ID – e.g. 21.docx or 254.doc.

Download the formatting template and formatting examples below. Your abstract must adhere to this formatting example or you will be asked to reformat and upload. 

Abstract Guide

Limit of Abstracts
• There is no limit to the number of abstracts you can submit as a corresponding or presenting author. 
• Abstract title is limited to a maximum of 12 words.
• Abstract title should written in capital letters only. 

Word Limit
• Abstracts are limited to 300 words. Abstracts that exceed this limit risk not being published. 

Author Names
• List the full first and last name of each author. Initials are optional and permitted for middle name(s).
• Do not use an initial instead of a full first name.
Examples: Arthur C. Coldstream; Peter Smith

• List affiliation in the following format: Department (optional), Company/Institute, Town, State (optional), and Country. No other detail is required.
• Do not list full postal addresses. 
• Please translate foreign names of companies/institutes into English.
University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK 
21st Century Medicine, Fontana, CA, USA

• References are not permitted within your abstract.
• Do not use sub-headings (e.g. introduction, methods, conclusion) in your abstract
• Do not use images, tables or figures. Only text will be published.
• Use Me2SO not DMSO when referring to dimethyl sulfoxide.

• Submissions will be accepted in British or American English.
• The reviewers’ decision will be directly affected by the how clear, concise and typo/error free your abstract is, so proof-read your abstract carefully to give your abstract the best possible chance of being selected for presentation. 
• If your first language is not English consider having a native English speaker proof-read your abstract. Abstracts which are well written have a better chance of being accepted.  

 Key Dates

Abstract Deadline: March 26, 2018 APRIL 9, 2018
Initial submissions should be copied and pasted directly into the online submission form. No document upload is required. 

Abstract Review: March 27-April 10, 2018
Your abstract will be reviewed by two reviewers who may comment on your abstract. 

Author Notification: April 16, 2018 
You will be notified if your abstract has been accepted for an oral or poster presentation. 

Final Drafts Due: May 31, 2018
You may choose to revise your abstract based on the comments provided by the reviewers. Regardless of revision, all abstracts accepted for presentation must be uploaded to Ex ordo in a print-ready final draft in word document format that adheres to strict formatting guidelines. You can download the required documents below.