VitriCell is pleased to announce participation in CRYO2018 as an exhibitor and bronze level sponsor.  

VitriCell Website

VitriCell is a biotechnology company offering innovative and effective solutions for cryopreserving embryos and cells, even the most fragile. Its unique technology, based on aseptic vitrification in chemically defined media, enables optimal survival and safeguarding of biological properties for most, if not all, cell types currently used in biological research, including embryos at different stages.

VitriCell aims to conquer the cell cryopreservation field by providing the scientific community with its unique expertise in cell vitrification and by commercializing controlled and either standardized or customized vitrification kits usable for most of the cells used in biological research, cell therapy and medically-assisted procreation (human & vet).

VitriMice™, its first commercial product, is intended for vitrification of rodent embryos from zygote to blastocyst stages. The procedures have been developed and patented by VitriCell to enable successful, time-efficient, biologically safe and easy-to-use vitrification. With its One-Step Protocol, VitriMice™ allows the cryopreservation of up to 20 embryos in only 1 minute. Moreover, VitriMice™ vitrification solution is a serum-free and protein-free medium.

For more information, please speak to us at in person at CRYO2018, or in advance of the meeting you can contact us via the email address, or the contact page on our website.