Randall Niedz

Randall Niedz

Randy Niedz is a Research Geneticist at the United States Horticultural Research Laboratory, Ft. Pierce, Florida.  He has a PhD in Plant Breeding and Genetics from Michigan State University (USA).

His expertise is with in vitro plant cell tissue, and organ culture systems for plant breeding and genetics, and particularly with systems useful for citrus germplasm and variety development applications.  His current research is the development of conceptual and statistical experimental design approaches for complex in vitro systems, with a particular emphasis on mineral nutrition.  He solved the problem of ion confounding, a universal problem in all fields of science, and a conceptual basis for treating ions as independent statistical factors.  This tool and approach are useful for culture medium development because mineral nutrient experiments can be designed that are free of ion confounding and therefore capable of quantifying ion-specific effects.

Dr. Niedz is an Associate Editor for the In Vitro Society’s journal, In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology, and an Academic Editor for the journal PLoS ONE.

Design of Experiments (DOE)—History, Concepts, and Relevance to Biological Systems

Biological systems are extremely complex. Design of experiments (DOE) is a large and well-developed field specifically for understanding and improving the performance of complex systems. The underlying concepts of DOE and there relevance to biological experimentation will be illustrated and discussed.

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