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21st Century Medicine is a cryobiological discovery company dedicated to solving the most difficult problems in applied cryobiology, including the vitrification of cells, tissues, and whole mammalian organs.  It has successfully preserved a variety of embryonic and stem cells, oocytes, human pancreatic islets, liver, kidney, and brain slices, human tissue-engineered skin, human and porcine cartilage, human corneas, and even an entire rabbit kidney.  The company sells its two patented ice blockers, Supercool-X1000 and Supercool-Z1000, a variety of vitrification solutions and vitrification solution concentrates, and high sub-TG isothermal storage systems, and has done contract work for major cosmetic, biotechnological, and agricultural companies around the world and investigated the cryopreservation of coral, panda ovarian tissue, bovine embryos, and other systems of interest